About Me

Me and my family have been raising cockatiels for over 18 years now. After years of building my flock with quality birds from around the U.S.A., I realized it will be a never ending journey to producing a better bird. With each generation I find better offspring and new traits that I like even more. My adult breeding pairs live outside most of the year in a 10 x 14 ft aviary. They enjoy free flight and plenty of company each day. Different pairs are given nest boxes depending on what traits I prefer to breed for at the time.  The babies are pulled from the nest between 2 and 3 weeks old. They are hand fed about 4 times daily by my husband and I until they wean at around 12 weeks old. Baby cockatiels are weaned onto a diet consisting mostly of Roudy Bush brand pellets and a cockatiel seed mix. The babies are housed in our living room so they can get used to everyday sounds and visitors. This way they are socialized daily in order to provide you with the best companion bird possible.

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